Valuation Resources

for Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Appraisers are increasingly faced with the problem of how to value solar PV on properties. This class focuses on valuation methods and resources available to appraisers to assist in the valuation of solar pv arrays. Approved for 4 hours of Appraiser Continuing Education in California, Arizona and North Carolina

Let me help to solve the puzzle of how to place contributory value on solar in appraisal reports. Past classes have had great reviews. Please complete the registration and payment link to the class location you prefer. I look forward to seeing you in class!



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Solar panels are becoming more prevalent and appraisers are faced with the challenge of how to value them. California Building Code changed Jan 1, 2020 and now requires solar on residential new construction.

USPAP requires competency. This 4-hour course will focus on solar photovoltaic systems. We will cover and discuss valuation methods and direct appraisers to resources available to assist in valuing solar.

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